About Us

The members of our team.

Martin Smith Radon Testing Specialist and CEO

Martin Smith

founder and owner of Radontex, LLC., has been actively involved in the radon testing and training community since 1996, from radon monitor design and manufacture, to calibration facility design and operation, to serving on our industry's ANSI standards committees. Martin is a certified Radon Measurement Specialist with the American Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists - National Radon Proficiency Program (AARST-NRPP). He is an approved radon measurement trainer and has been teaching radon measurement courses since 2001 for both initial certification and continuing education. Martin is devoted to saving lives by spreading the word about the dangers of radon gas and promoting the testing of all homes.

Radon Testing R&D

Research & Development

is headed up by Liam along with his trusty assistant, Aggie. Together they are a formidable team, designing all sorts of diversionary tactics in return for the occasional bonus. If Liam and Aggie like it, it's probably good. A little know fact is that while, for humans, radon is a colourless, odourless, tasteless gas, dogs can actually smell it. Liam is much better at it than Aggie. They are working on a method of quantifying it once they smell it. The problem so far has been downloading that data from them. Anyway, once they get it all figured out, we will have the very first "pawsive" radon sniffing device on the market.

Leslie Parnell Radon Testing CFO

Leslie Parnell

is the CFO for Radontex, LLC. Generally, if the CFO is happy, everyone is happy! Leslie is a Virginia Contracting Officer, Certified Professional Public Buyer and Certified Public Manager. She has over 40 years of public service in office management and public procurement contracting.