DIY Radon Testing

Everyone should test their home for radon every 3 to 5 years, and if you have a radon mitigation system in place, you should test every 2 years. Radon testing is very easy and you can do it yourself as long as the testing is not associated with a home sale. There are basically two options, either a low cost single use device, or a prosumer electronic device. Here are my top recommendations for reliable test devices that you can purchase online.

The first option is a low cost single use charcoal type test kit, a great option for doing a quick screening test and follow-up tests. If you've never tested for radon, or it's been a few years since you last tested, this would be the best first step. Here are two kits I can highly recommend.

Airchek Radon Test Kit

Airchek Labs Radon Test Kit

Airchek has been around for decades and is a stellar laboratory. These test kits are trusted by the radon measurement industry for commercial building testing, I use them myself. Very easy to use and quick results from the lab.

First Alert Radon Test Kit

First Alert "Alpha Energy Labs" Radon Test Kit

Another trusted laboratory that's been around for decades. Also very easy to use and quick turnaround for results.


The second option is an electronic continuous monitor. For about the same price as a professionally assisted radon test, you can purchase your own real time radon monitor and check your radon level whenever you want, right on your smart phone! Something you might consider if you have a radon mitigation system in your home and want to make sure it's working correctly at all times.

Eco Cube

EcoCube Real Time Radon Monitor

The EcoCube, by EcoSense, tracks the radon level in real time and stores readings every 10 minutes. You can connect the device to your home WiFi and results are delivered securely to your smart phone. In the app, you can set an alarm warning level. When the radon level exceeds that level it beeps at you.